A great gift from a best friend.

Special for a lovely cute people named ZAFINAS AZAHANI HJ MOKHTAR ...

HANIE, thank you for the good times,
the days you filled with pleasure,
the advice that you have gave to me,
and thank you for the best memories :)

HANIE, thanks a lot for being such a nice friend for me.
maybe I dun have anything special to give to,
but my prayers are always with you.

HANIE, may Allah grant you what your heart desires 
and keep you happy always
and thanks to HIM for meeting us together.
I am very grateful for having a special friend like you in my life.

priceless gift :')
take care of yourself ,
Study molek! 
Dean list InsyaAllah 
Semoga kita jumpa lagi nanti :)

May Allah bless us and give us the best of this world and the hereafter. Aminn~

4 orang comel:

Hanie Humaira said...

Can't utter even a word :') thanx 4 being such nice for me sahabat.Dengan rendah hatinya sila ke dear diary kita

A I N said...

thanx to u too :) may our ukhuwah last forever. insyaAllah
^___^ oke adik ribena! heee~

nur khalilah hassan said...

prnah dpt hadiah mcm ni jgk.. :) moga brmnfaat

A I N said...

alhamdulillah. sangat!^^

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